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Digital marketing solutions
and services
OHM Agency
Technology and products
for digital marketing

We take business to a new level. Growing sales by more than 200%

We think globally. We work all over the world and nurture expansion

(Primary markets: USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, South Korea, UK, Japan)

We run campaigns across all major advertising platforms

(Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, Facebook Ads, Apple Search Ads, TikTok Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Yahoo Japan, Xiaomi Ads, Huawei Ads)

We partner with Google for our marketing and analytics solutions

We help businesses
to grow

x12 in Digital Sales in 3 years
We used a lot of features and new technologies that became public cases with the help of the Google Team

x3,7 in Mobile sales in 3 years
We brought the brand to a new market, supervised the company\'s activities in terms of mobile applications
CCP Games

x5 in New players in 6 months
Learned how to work with post-view registrations (30% of the entire advertising campaign)
Our Products
Mobile marketing solution.
All major advertising systems on one interface
  • Personalized YouTube advertising
  • The optimal solution for marketplaces and companies with a wide range of products
  • Smart ratings on the effectiveness of Youtube vloggers
  • Influencer search tool
Our Clients
Leaders in e-commerce, finance, retail, FMCG and gaming trust us and grow their business with us
Our partners
We partner with global leaders in the technology market and in digital advertising and marketing
Our achievements
Google Premier
Partner 2022
Google Acceleration
Google Marketing
Platform Certified
Google Analytics
Facebook Supported Agency
Finalists in the App Excellence category at the Google Partners Awards 2019
Our Cases
RaiffesenBank: increased knowledge
  • To increase knowledge about the 110 Day credit card
  • To increase the influx of clients passing the bank's credit score
  • To stimulate sales
  • A three-step ad display system
  • Concurrent use of the TrueView for Reach and TrueView for Action formats.
  • Buying ads through the Google Marketing Platform
  • 78% increase in the recognition of its "110 days without interest" credit card
  • 26% increase in willingness to choose the card
  • 100% increase in online sales of the card and 240% increase in sales through performance channels
  • 18% increase in the share of approved requests among new Raiffeisenbank customers
EVE Online (CCP Games) 360 campaign
We launched campaigns to attract new users in the DV360 platform with advertising on Youtube and optimization for post-click and post-view conversions throughout the funnel of in-game events


It turned out that post-view conversions are almost twice as effective as post-click conversions.