Mobile Remarketing
Why would you use?
We increasing sales among different segments
New Users
We motivate them to make their first purchase

Active Users
We motivate them to buy more often and increase the ARPU

Dormant Users
We bring back users who are considered to be dormant and increase their activity
Additional benefits
with our Mobile Marketing Platform
⦿ Collecting raw data from mobile trackers

⦿ Creating any number of audiences in one click

⦿ Automatic uploading and updating audiences to advertising systems
⦿ Determining core users with the highest profitability (or conversion) rates

⦿ Quick launch of static and dynamic remarketing

⦿ Conversion and LTV
Incremental Effect
We test the actual effect of advertising
on sales to users
Measure performance with advanced mobile analytics
Understand your users better
Conversion funnels
Finding the best conversions for optimization
Using predictive conversions
Proxy conversions for optimization
And many more
Traffic sources we work with
Display & Video 360 (GMP):
Google Ads
TikTok Ads
includes 50+ major SSPs, including YouTube, Google Ad Manager and MoPub
Facebook Ads
And many more
Why us?
A team with extensive experience in mobile marketing and app growth
Strong ROAS and scale focus
Own platform for mobile marketing: automation, analytics and reports
Access to the newest Google Betas
Google Tech Partner
Google Certified
Our Cases
in in-app orders
Food delivery app
(Case with Google)
in in-app orders
Sales in less then a year
x 10
New users
Sales in new user in less then a year
x 8
Additional orders
> 70 000
(Case with Google)
2 000%
Our Clients
Leaders in e-commerce, finance, retail, FMCG and gaming trust us and grow their business with us